Upcoming Recitals 2024

March 30: Steinway Gallery in Austin (2-4pm)

Accepting New Students

We still have a few slots available for new students for Spring 2024

Learning for All Levels of Musicians

We teach beginners, intermediate, and advanced musicians of all ages! 

Piano and violin lessons are offered on a one-on-one basis either in-person or virtual. One of the most important goals in our lesson is for every student to LOVE their lessons as they embark on a rewarding musical journey. The other main focus is proper technique in their playing, which includes sitting position, hand position, wrist and arm technique and pedaling, which will lead to developing a strong musical interpretation.  


It is never too late to start learning piano at any age. Our teaching will focus on note reading and proper piano technique to create a solid foundation in piano playing. Lessons will also incorporate music theory and activities to engage fun learning.  Lessons are usually 30 minutes at this level.


You have played piano for several years and are looking for new guidance to improve your playing? With our pedagogical training and experience, we can help you become a better pianist by strengthening your technique and reading skills that you need to transition to the next level. The recommended lesson time is 45 minutes, as music is getting longer, and this is the level that we will teach about music interpretation and also music history. 


Are you preparing for a competition, recital, or college auditions? We can help guide you through this preparation. We have been through competitions and auditions and have a lot of advice/tips to help you prepare for successful performances.  Lesson lengths will vary.

Music is a universal language. Music express emotions that words cannot describe. My main teaching goal is to share my musical knowledge and make the study of playing piano engaging for the students. It is my firm belief that the center of child pedagogy should be to nurture and develop the young individual’s own voice and convictions, and ultimately give him the proper tools to be able to express these visions with the greatest facility possible.