Do I need a piano at home?

All students must have a keyboard/ piano at home in order to be able to practice regularly. For beginners, you can start with getting a full-weighted 88 keys keyboard, and upgrade to an acoustic piano (upright or grand piano) when you are in intermediate/advanced level. For more details on choosing the right piano/keyboard, please contact me.

I already have a keyboard but it doesn’t have weighted keys or 88 keys. Can I still use it for lessons?

If you already have a keyboard, it is okay to use it to get started, but you will quickly run out of keys. In order to train your fingers to be strong, you will need weighted keys. Most students who do not have a proper instrument to practice on will struggle playing most pianos other than their own due to their fingers being weaker and not used to touch sensitivity.

What is the perfect age to learn piano? Is it too late to learn as an adult?

For children, I recommend starting between the ages of 4. You can also start anytime (even as an adult) for your own enjoyment at your own pace. They are a wide variety of method books that are structured for little kids as well as adult beginners. 

What method or curriculum do you use?

Every student is different… therefore, I use different materials for different students. Some method books that I have used include the “Piano Adventure” series by Nancy & Randall Faber, Piano Pronto by Jennifer Ecklund, and Hal Leonard.

Do you hold recitals? When?

I hold two formal recitals at the end of fall and spring studio semester (typically in December and May). There are occasional informal virtual recitals available and optional for students throughout the rest of the year.

What equipment do I need for online lessons?

The most simple set up is to have a laptop with a webcam (built-in or attached), on the side of your piano or keyboard. You will need to download Zoom and a good internet speed.

What if I miss a lesson?

Students are allowed to schedule make-up lessons on a weekend, provided that 24 hours advance notice is given. We also encourage students to reach out about doing a virtual lesson in the event of illness, travel, or inclement weather.