• Lessons will be thirty (30) minutes, forty five (45) minutes, or sixty (60) minutes.
  • Please arrive on time to lessons. Lessons will not be extended beyond the scheduled time slot. 


  • Lessons are conducted either in-person or online
  • If the student is feeling under the weather for in-person lessons (or anyone in the household has a fever), lessons can either be rescheduled or done virtually.
  • If the student (or anyone in the household) has tested positive or exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19, the lesson will be virtual. 
  • Students are encouraged to wear a mask during piano lessons. 
  • If the instructor or someone in the instructor’s household is feeling ill, lessons will be virtual to minimize risk to you and your family.


  • Please bring the following items to every lesson:
    • Your piano books 
    • Pencils
    • A dedicated notebook


  • Lessons will be billed on a monthly basis at least 7 days before the first day of the following month.  
  • Payment is due 24 hours before your first lesson of each month, unless you are paying by semester.
  • A late fee of $30 will be charged automatically to payments not received on time.
  • Venmo or Zelle payment is accepted.

Cancellations & Rescheduling

  • Lessons cancelled with twenty four (24) hours advance notice can be rescheduled. Lessons will be rescheduled to a weekend.
  • Your lessons may be rescheduled due to performances, but will be provided 1-2 weeks notification in advance except for emergencies.
  • Lesson cancellations under 24 hours prior to your lesson time or no-shows are considered forfeit, except
    • For COVID-19 related illnesses of yourself, the student, or family
    • Family emergencies and accidents.
  • Each student is limited up to three times of rescheduling per-semester.
  • Any makeup lessons will be conducted online via Zoom. 

Practice time

  • Students are expected 15-60 minutes every day, depending on your level. 
  • Practicing regularly will maximize the value of your lesson time. 
  • We focus on quality practicing rather than quantity. 

Parental Involvement

  • Parental support is crucial to the success of each student. Children do not practice on their own and will not remember everything that was assigned at the lesson. Your job is to guide, practice, focus and nurture your child’s enthusiasm. The notebook for piano lessons is our means of weekly communication about assignments, expectations, your student’s progress, and rescheduling reminders (if any). 

Online Lessons

  • Device setup outlined in your Online Lesson Checklist is done 15 minutes prior to lesson
  • Technical requirements are met as per your Online Lesson Checklist.
  • Parental supervision for the first 3 or more Online Lessons as needed for tech support and student engagement.

Recitals and other performances

  • There are two formal Students Recitals per academic year. Each student is required to perform. There will be a recital fee, $35 for each student (per recital). The recital fee is due in September and February, and it is NOT refundable. All students are required to pay for the recital fee whether the student can make it to the recital or not. The recital fee is used to cover all of the expenses for preparing the event.
  • Any public performance or contest appearance must be approved in advance by the teacher.